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05 November 2008 @ 08:05 am
So, as most of you've heard, I was re-hired in a relatively safe position from the Governator. Evidently, the wildlife refuges automatically get so many employees under the Department of Fish and Game much like the hatcheries. The irony? I will be working and living in the exact same spot as I would have been.


Contrary to popular belief, here in the State of Jefferson, there is more in the way of biomes than redwood forests! The area I will be inhabiting in the north-east corner of California is in the very north-west arm of the Great Basin Desert. In this place, you can find rocky mountain elk, pronghorn, sage grouse, and of course, eagle lake rainbow trout. The environment itself while very dry is not your classic desert, but more of a sagebrush desert with some areas of conifers. Cheatgrass is a major invasive species here, often causing problems in throwing off the fire ecology in the sagebrush flats, causing a lot of damage and extirpating a lot of species that the local flora and fauna rely on for cover and food.

There is a huge natural-formed lake here - Eagle Lake. The lake is renowned for it's excellent trout fishing as well as it's high-alkaline waters. The water in the lake is so alkaline, only five species of fish are to be found in the lake itself - Lahontan Redsides, Tui Chub, Speckled Dace, Tahoe Suckers, and of course, the unique and amazing Eagle Lake Rainbow Trout. All other sport species of fish that were introduced to the lake did not survive in the high alkaline waters. Farther up on the Pine creek watershed feeding the lake, it is not uncommon to find the invasive and predatory Brook Trout - a major hurdle in recovering the natural breeding grounds of the rainbow trout.

This place is a very biologically unique area, and I look forward to serving my first year with the Department here!

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03 November 2008 @ 03:14 pm
Hi there folks, Dark_zorse here writing the first entry in an the adventure journal!

Please sit tight wile we get everything rennovated and spiffy-looking. We will have some great adventures from Northern California posted soon!

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